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Weekly Bulletins Merged with GA

January 11, 2019

From the Pastor

Dear St. Nicholas and Guardian Angels Parishioners, Today we begin our combined bulletin for both parishes. This is a work in progress so I ask everyone from both parishes to be patient as we get into the groove of doing this. You will still be able to find information for each parish in the one bulletin. As I’m sure you all have heard, Jodee Korkowski, our long time administrator at St. Nicholas, left her position December 31. I thank Jodee for her many years of dedicated and amazing service to St. Nicholas. She has been a great blessing to the parish in her time as administrator. Goin forward, in the interim, Jean Rief and Lynn Arnal from Guardian Angels will be providing administrative, receptionist, and other duties for both parishes. Roxie Diaz, the GA school receptionist, who speaks both English and Spanish, will provide some receptionist duties at St. Nicholas. Office hours at both parishes have changed. Please see the section in this bulletin with the new office hours for both parishes. There will also be some other changes such as better integrating the phone systems between the two parishes so that calls from one parish can be easily transferred and forwarded to the other parish. Both parishes will have their same phone numbers. Another change is that the Archdiocesan Parish Accounting Services (PASC) will now provide the bookkeeping and accounting services for St. Nicholas (they already do this for Guardian Angels). I am sure that there will be other changes as well, but for now we will take things one step at a time. I want to stress that while both parishes will be more closely collaborating with such things as staffing, programming, ministries, and administration, we are not in the process of merging the parishes. Each parish will remain separate from one another with their own unique identity. Each parish will have their own trustees, legal structure, councils, finances, etc. I ask for your patience, and prayers, and good will as we go through this time of transition. I believe that there are both challenges and opportunities with these changes. With the Holy Spirit leading us, and each of us doing our part, I am confident that God will continue to make great things happen at both Guardian Angels and St. Nicholas.

Jodee Korkowski concluding her role as Parish Business Administrator!

December 15, 2018

With heavy heart I want you to know that Jodee Korkowski, our long time Parish Business Administrator has discerned to leave her position as of the end of December.  Jodee has done an absolutely amazing job for us for a little over 10 years now.  She literally does “everything” around here, and she will be dearly missed by all of us.  I have never known such a hard worker and generous soul.  She has held our parish together through thick and thin, and has uplifted so many people who have come to the office in their time of need.  I know that many of us rely upon her daily and weekly in our relationship with our St. Nicholas parish.  I have as well, and I know that our long-time former pastor, Fr. Thomas Joseph, who hired her all those years ago, relied upon her greatly as well.

I know that we all feel a sense of loss, and we will for a long time to come.  She literally is “irreplaceable”, and yet we also know that no good thing lasts forever.  We must all continue on, and with God’s Grace and guidance, we will.  Please see Jodee’s article also in this bulletin for her message.

I want to thank Jodee for her heroic efforts to serve the parish, and to love and serve Christ by loving and serving all of our parishioners.  We will have big shoes to try to fill for sure!  On the last weekend of December (29th & 30th), we will have a reception after the Masses to recognize Jodee for her service.  Please plan to come to thank her for all that she has done for us. 

We will not immediately hire for this position.  We will use this as a time to re-evaluate what our needs are, and how best to meet them in the long run.  In the interim, Jean Rief and Lynn Arnal, who work at Guardian Angels will serve here as well.  Jean will serve as a Receptionist/Pastoral Care server and Lynn will serve as Business Administrator/ Receptionist.  They will begin in January, although you may see them in the office from time to time now as Jodee offers them some training.  I expect this interim period to last until June or so, then we will have a better sense for a permanent solution.

The parish office hours will most likely change in January with all of this, but at this time, we’re not sure exactly what it will look like.  Please keep Jodee, and the entire parish in your prayers during this time of transition.  Change is never easy and this certainly will not be.  With the Lord leading us, the help of the Holy Spirit, and all of us doing our part and staying positive like Jodee always is, we can then move forward.  Mary, Mother of the Church; pray for us! St. Nicholas; pray for us!


In Christ,

Fr. Deziel

Happy 150th Anniversary!

December 1, 2018

Happy 150th Anniversary!!!  This weekend, we celebrate 150 years as a parish!  That is truly a remarkable achievement.  Of course, it is not something that we have “accomplished”, but rather, we celebrate how God has worked in our parish through so many different families, through so many different generations.  Jesus Christ risen from the dead has brought life to our parish through baptism and all of the Sacraments.  We’re humbled because, led by the Holy Spirit and with the help of St. Nicholas, we simply carry on the legacy in our time.  So many who were here so long ago are unknown to us, but some we know only their family names or long-ago relatives.  We marvel at the timelessness of the faith, and how we must pass the faith on in our era knowing that generations after us will do the same if we do our part now. So, as we celebrate our anniversary, we look back with reverence, awe, respect, and gratitude, and we recommit ourselves to honoring their legacy by doing our best to love and serve the Lord here and now.  St. Nicholas, Pray for us!


Welcome Archbishop Hebda!  We rejoice to welcome Archbishop Bernard Hebda to celebrate our 150th at the 4 PM Mass this weekend.  We are honored that the Archbishop has accepted our invitation to be with us for this special occasion.  I know that he prays for all of the people of our Archdiocese daily and I ask you to please pray for him as well.  With all of the responsibilities that he has in leading this archdiocese, I am sure that he greatly appreciates all the prayers that are offered.  Every time we offer Mass, we pray for our bishop as well as the Holy Father and all the clergy.  The Church does this because we know that the Church is not merely a human institution.  We must always rely upon God’s help and God’s grace, and that is especially true for those who lead us.  May God bless Archbishop Hebda with great wisdom, courage and faith as he leads us.


Advent begins!  This Sunday we begin a new liturgical year as we begin Advent and prepare for Christmas. Advent is short again this year as Christmas Eve is the day after the Fourth Sunday of Advent which means the fourth week of Advent is only one day. We don’t have a lot of time to prepare ourselves spiritually to celebrate Christmas. When we celebrate a feast day, it’s not like other days that come and go. We try to take the time and the effort to recognize the Grace that our Lord gives to us in His birth and His incredible love for us. Advent is a good time to spend some extra time in prayer, or to read Scripture or a Spiritual book. Celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation is always an important part of Advent as we acknowledge that our Lord is our Savior and he is the one who saves us from our sins.  The word Advent means “to come”. Come Lord Jesus, come and fill our darkness with your Divine light and open our hearts ever more fully to the wonders of your love!


Happy Anniversary and Happy Advent!

Fr. Deziel