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2018 Fall Festival

Fall Festival will take place September 8-9. This is our largest fundraiser of the entire year and this year is especially exciting as it will kick off our 150th Anniversary!  

We'll have our regular activities of silent auction, raffle, food, Steamer 5K and Sunday's popular pancake breakfast. We'll also be bringing back favorites like bingo, children's games, the paddle wheel and more! 

With our Fall Festival coinciding with the Carver Steamboat Day's celebration there will be many people from far and wide coming to Carver to enjoy the weekend.

What is going to make this event great for our fellow parishioners, guests, families and those in town for Steamboat Days who may be new to visiting St. Nicholas?  Having all of our events well-staffed and running smoothly thanks to St. Nicholas volunteers.

What can you do to help?  We’re in need of volunteers to be committee heads for each of the following activities:

Children’s Games: This individual will help plan and run the games (i.e. pick-a-duck, balloon pop, ring toss, bags and more) and prize booth as well as set-up, help recruit volunteers to man the games during the festival, and tear-down at festival end.

Country Store: This individual will help collect items for the Country Store, setup and take down the store that will be in the garage again, as well as help recruit volunteers to man the store during the festival.

Silent Auction: This individual will help collect items for the silent auction, inventory and setup in the parish center as well as track the donated items on a spreadsheet, at the close of the auction complete the spreadsheet and notify the winners of the items and collect payments.

Adult’s Games: To keep visitors engaged we’re bringing back bingo and the paddlewheel.  These will again be under the center tent as they were in the past. The committee head for these will help with set up of bingo tables and chairs, supplies, bingo caller area. They’ll also help set up the paddle wheel and prizes for this game as well as help recruit volunteers for both.

Beer/Food Tent: We are bringing back some old Fall Festival favorites--hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, etc. --and we’d like to also have some of the Latino favorites from recent years – elote, tortas.  This individual will help source will help source the food, beverages and supplies, as well as recruit volunteers to man the food and beer area of the tent. Additionally, we will need to provide server training for anyone working in the beer tent so we're compliant with the rules and regulations under the temporary liquor license (we’ll work with the Carver County trainers for this).  Please note that raffle tickets and pull tabs will also be sold under the tent in the food/beer area.

Parade Float: This individual will help plan and decorate the float, make sure there’s a driver and it gets in line to the correct spot in time, toss out candy, undecorate and clean up the float as well as recruit volunteers to participate.

There are items we’re still in need of:

  1. Ongoing need for donations of Silent Auction and Raffle items,  Country Store items (fall, country, religious and handmade items)
  2. Tap wagon for the beer garden.  If you have a tap truck or know anyone that has one that would donate it to us to use for the weekend
  3. Another popular returning Festival item is the “Booze Buggy” which will be raffled off to the 21 and over Festival participants.  If you have an overstock of unopened alcohol, gifted or purchased bottles of wine that are collecting dust, or you just feel sorry for the two that took on this Fall Festival project and want to buy a bottle of something to contribute, we would be sincerely grateful for anything you are able to contribute to this Fall Festival fundraising event.

After the committee heads have been established and planning has progressed there will be additional signup sheets for volunteer staffing of each area.


As always, your donations are tax deductible so please be sure to note what you’re donating and we'll get you an end of the year tax statement.

If you would like to get involved to chair a committee, or participate in any stage of the planning,  please call or text Tammy at 612-695-7333 or Patty at 612-718-5009.  We look forward to hearing from you!